[arch-general] Are base packages assumed?

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Thu Jul 9 05:41:33 EDT 2009

Zé Ninguém schrieb:
> Hi there.
> I was wondering if base or base-devel packages should go in a package
> dependency list or not?
> What is the current policy about that?
> I noticed that the instructions to build a clean chroot tell to install
> base, base-devel and sudo, but does that means the package should be
> expecting them in a user system?

I recommend putting all dependencies in depends (including base 
packages), as direct dependencies are used by pacman to order updates - 
i.e. a package is upgraded after all of its dependencies. This sometimes 
avoids weird race condition on updates.

However, we usually do not put packages from base-devel into 
makedepends, although it doesn't hurt to do so. If you build anything 
from our repositories, make sure you always have base-devel installed. I 
wouldn't consider a missing makedepend on pkgconfig a bug, but a missing 
makedepend on anything not in base-devel is definitely a bug.

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