[arch-general] libreadline.so issues

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Tue Jul 14 07:14:14 EDT 2009

bardo schrieb:
> 2009/7/14 Vincent Van Houtte <vvh at synergylaw.be>:
>> I had the same problem after installing firefox without updating the whole
>> system. Only core, extra, community in use - no testing...
> Your mirror probably synced while the move was in progress, this is
> called bad luck ;) Anyway, selective upgrades are known to break the
> system, and this has been underlined recently, specifically related to
> this move.

This is a different problem. Bash 3 only had "readline" as a dependency, 
now the new readline package fulfills that. Now another package had 
"readline>=6" as a dependency, readline 6 was pulled, but pacman thought 
that bash 3 was okay (as it only has a "readline" dep).

Solutions for this are not that easy, we might make packages provide 
certain sonames and make other packages depend on those, but this will 
only solve the problem for new packages.

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