[arch-general] Problem with sound under vmware server

Alastair Irving alastair.irving at sjc.ox.ac.uk
Sun Jul 19 09:18:23 EDT 2009


I've been running arch as a virtual machine using vmware server for a 
few months now without problems.  However, I upgraded all packages 
yesterday, and now I know longer have any sound.

According to lspci the soundcard is an Ensoniq ES1371, and according to 
lsmod the snd-ens1371 module is loaded.

If I do speaker-test then it seems to work, it plays a static hissing 
sound, but it repeatedly gives the error
Write error: -32, broken pipe

If I aplay a wav file, then no sound is played, and I get the error
underrun!!! (at least 1829490232.202 ms long)
underrun!!! (at least 1829490234.191 ms long)

I've tried running alsaconf, and this seems to run successfuly, but 
sound still doesn't work.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to fix this?

Many thanks

Alastair Irving

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