[arch-general] Pacman version 2.98 or pacman 3.0

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Sun Jul 26 12:05:29 EDT 2009

Baho Utot schrieb:
> If you look at what is required in pacman you get
> Pacman: depends=('bash' 'libarchive>=2.6.0' 'libdownload>=1.3'
> 'pacman-mirrorlist')

pacman-mirrorlist is just one file which you could include in pacman if 
you wanted. The bash dependency is just for makepkg.

> libarchive:
> depends=('zlib' 'bzip2' 'xz-utils' 'acl' 'openssl')

You can omit xz-utils. You can probably also omit bzip2, acl and 
openssl, check the configure options. I have no idea why libarchive 
would need openssl (and libdownload wouldn't).

zlib is just for gzip compression.
bzip2 is for bzip2 compression (which arch hasn't used so far) and 
xz-utils for lzma or xz compression, which we also don't use.
acl is needed for Access Control Lists, you probably want acl on any 
linux system anyway. If you are lucky, you can disable acl support in 

I still don't understand what you want to achieve. But whatever it is, 
resorting to an outdated version of pacman seems like the wrong solution.

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