[arch-general] ext3 driver for windows

David Rosenstrauch darose at darose.net
Thu Jul 30 18:06:47 EDT 2009

Rene Rasmussen wrote:
> What driver do you use for accessing the ext3 partitions?
> I found the following to choose from:
> Ext2 IFS and Ext2 FSD
> How is the stability. Did you have any trouble getting it to work?
> Until now I have only used ext3 for one of my external harddrives, the
> other two have been formatted with the ntfs filesystem. It would be nice
> though to be able to use the drives with the native linux filesystem
> instead.
> Thanks,
> Best regards,
> Rene

I've used Ext2 IFS, but only lightly.  Seems to work fine, as it was 
able to both read from and write to an ext3 partition.  But again I've 
not used it in a heavy duty configuration, or used it often.



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