[arch-general] KDE4.3 Beta - Rocks, still a bit rough, but very usable as a primary desktop

David Rosenstrauch darose at darose.net
Wed Jun 17 11:48:25 EDT 2009

David C. Rankin wrote:
> On Wednesday 17 June 2009 10:30:48 David C. Rankin wrote:
>> On Wednesday 17 June 2009 10:21:02 David Rosenstrauch wrote:
>> <snip>
>>> This is not a conflict between kde4 and kde3.  You can tell because the
>>> kde3 packages are all prefixed with kdemod3-*, which does not appear
>>> here.
>>> This is a conflict between KDE4 and KDE4-unstable.  I'd try resolving it
>>> by completely uninstalling all the KDE(4) packages and then reinstalling
>>> them (this time from kde-unstable).
>>> DR
>> DR,
>> 	I have never installed anything from kde4 prior to trying to install kde4-
>> unstable. The only kde4 that is on my box would be from kde3 packages built
>> against the kde4 runtime that have pulled in kde4base, etc. as
>> dependencies.
>> 	How would I uninstall this stuff so I can proceed with the kde4-unstable
>> install??
> Or better yet, why can't I just -f and Force the package overwrite in this 
> situation??

-f is generally a bad idea.  The only times I ever use it is a) in the 
rare occasions where pacman gets confused during an upgrade, or b) I 
want to temporarily uninstall and then quickly reinstall the same 
package, without having to also uninstall all of the package's dependencies.

Trust me - don't use -f except for rare occasions like this where you're 
absolutely sure that you know what's going on better than pacman does. 
I would not say that that's the case here.


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