[arch-general] Xorg/kdm login screen addition

David C. Rankin drankinatty at suddenlinkmail.com
Fri May 1 03:56:32 EDT 2009

David Rosenstrauch wrote:
> Even easier - you can configure this in the kde control center.  System
> Administration -> Login Manager.  Mine has the greeting set to "%r
> (%h)".  According to the help text, the following are the available macros:
> GreetString
>  The headline in the greeter. An empty greeting means none at all.
>  The following character pairs are replaced by their value:
> %d
> name of the current display
> %h
> local host name, possibly with the domain name
> %n
> local node name, most probably the host name without the domain name
> %s
> operating system
> %r
> operating system version
> %m
> machine (hardware) type
> %%
> a single %
> The default is “Welcome to %s at %n”.
> HTH,
> DR
> Dan Vratil wrote:
>> On Thursday 30 April 2009 18:37:41 David C. Rankin wrote:
>> Hi,
>> you can modify the KDM theme configuration to display the hostname. 
>> The themes are in /usr/share/apps/kdm/themes so just find the one you
>> use and edit kdm.xml.
>> You can now add some code to display the hostname, like:
>> <item type="label">
>>   <pos x="50%" y="50%" anchor="e"/>
>>   <text>%h</text>
>> </item>
>> Of course you want to put it somehere into the (sometimes quite
>> complicated) hierarchy of <item>s to place it exacatly where you want
>> it to be.
>> Dan
>>> Listmates,
>>>     I though I would run this idea by the list and see if there was any
>>> aversion to the idea of adding hostname information to the xorg/kdm
>>> login
>>> display.
>>>     I wouldn't change a thing about the login look, it's awesome.
>>> What I would
>>> propose is adding to the existing login greeter the 'hostname' of the
>>> machine it is running on.
>>>     What prompted this suggestion was the situation where I had an
>>> archlinux
>>> box connected vi xdmcp to my laptop on tty8. After a day or so of
>>> working
>>> on my local box, I switched back over to tty8 and the question
>>> immediately
>>> came to mind "Which Archlinux install is this?" because there was no
>>> way to
>>> immediately tell. (Don't get me wrong, I only have 2 Arch installs,
>>> so the
>>> answer wasn't critical) But the point to be made, and the basis for this
>>> suggestion, is that it would be nice to have the host information
>>> available.
>>>     Just a small addition to the dialog, after or under the Archlinux
>>> logo,
>>> that says something like "on: host.domain.com". That way, you know at a
>>> glance who you are dealing with.
>>>     Obviously, this is just a minimal enhancement, but the path to
>>> perfection
>>> is taken one step at a time.
>>>     Anybody adverse to something like this?

Should have known you guys would have already figured this out. Thanks!

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