[arch-general] Running setserial from rc.local

Sergi Pons Freixes sachiel at telefonica.net
Sun May 10 13:38:52 EDT 2009

With the new Xorg, I need to run the command:

setserial /dev/ttyS0 port 0x0200 irq 5 autoconfig 

At every boot to get the stylus working in a Tablet PC. I have put the line in 
/etc/rc.local, as it contains "all the things which are not daemons that you 
want to run at boot".

But it is not working. KDM (therefore, X) starts without using the stylus. If 
I switch to a terminal, run the command, and the return to X, the stylus is 

Any clue about what is I am doing wrong? I know that the command can not be 
executed from an X terminal (this is why I switch to a "normal" terminal), but 
running it from rc.local should work, right?

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