[arch-general] [arch-dev-public] LZMA - in or out? ([signoff] libarchive 2.6.0 )

Pierre Schmitz pierre at archlinux.de
Tue May 12 06:23:09 EDT 2009

Am Dienstag, 12. Mai 2009 12:02:22 schrieb Thomas Bächler:
> Anyone else in favor of moving to lzma? Related: lzma-compressed kernel
> (support with 2.6.30 and newer), maybe lzma-compressed squashfs on the
> live CDs (2.6.30 has lzma support, no idea if squashfs can use it already).

I think we could just put xz-utils into testing (replacing and providing lzma-
utils) and rebuild libarchive with xz support.

If itsstable enough we could move it to core and a new version of pacman could 
have xz enabled by default in makepkg.conf. New packages will then be 
compressed with xz. There is no need to rebuild the whole repo.

As Thomas suggested we just need to make sure that a gz version of pacman, 
libarchive, xz-utils and the db files remains available for some time.


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