[arch-general] Setting up print to postscript in openoffice 3

David C. Rankin, J.D.,P.E. drankinatty at suddenlinkmail.com
Sat May 16 00:20:04 EDT 2009


	While I was on the subject, I thought I would pass this tip along. Let me 
know if this should go to forums instead of here. 

	Printing to pdf is no problem in ooo3, just hit the button, but if you want 
to print to postscript, then things take a little more work. Printing to 
kprinter is nebulous in ooo3, so there has to be another way -- and there is.

	The simplest way I have found is to:

(1) install cups & cups-pdf from extra;

(2) start cups with /etc/rc.d/cups 

    (Add to deamons line in /etc/rc.conf to start automatically at boot)

(3) access the cups print manager: http://localhost:631 and select:

    Administration -> Find New Printers

    Select CUPS-PDF (Virtual PDF)

	Make:	Generic
	Driver:	Generic CUPS-PDF Printer


	Now to print to postscript, just print as usual, choose "CUPS-PDF" as the 
printer and then select the checkbox for "print to file", hit print and enter 
the filename.ps and 'print'

	Handy for faxes, etc... Since cups pdf uses the ps2pdf utility as the 
background, you are simply stopping the process with "print to file" before 
the ps2pdf utility is called.

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