[arch-general] Building local repo - eliminating dups - why some new x86_64?

Andrei Thorp garoth at gmail.com
Tue May 19 09:14:13 EDT 2009


We see people trying to make an Arch repo mirror to save themselves
bandwidth. I think that doesn't really make too much sense. Instead,
it seems much better to implement a download proxy. The way this works
is that all traffic is routed through a computer which backs up stuff
that passes through it. When a computer on the network asks for a file
that's been downloaded previously, there is no need to go into the

That seems like a great thing to use for Arch packages, as well as a
lot of stuff really. Think about how much faster some websites and
stuff can load if you already have all the common images downloaded to
your LAN.

Here's a link.



(Man.. I really want to set up a Linux router box...)

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