[arch-general] Segmentation fault in X after last upgrade

Dieter Plaetinck dieter at plaetinck.be
Mon Nov 2 09:46:49 EST 2009

On Mon, 2 Nov 2009 14:18:53 +0100
Xavier <shiningxc at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Mon, Nov 2, 2009 at 1:54 PM, Tobias Powalowski <t.powa at gmx.de>
> wrote:
> > Before using vesa driver you should at least give nouveau and nv
> > driver a shot.
> > Both lack on 3D support but for 2D operations they should work fine.
> > Nouveau has nice kms support, which is nice if it works on your
> > card. http://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Nouveau
> >
> kms is nice indeed, but I am pretty sure there are many other
> advantages of nouveau over nv
> http://nouveau.freedesktop.org/wiki/
> "2-D support is in fairly good shape with EXA acceleration, Xv and
> Randr12 (dual-head, rotations, etc.). "
> For instance nv does not have xv, which is a must have for video
> playback. And I don't know if nv supports exa and randr12.
> And nouveau kms also supports "suspend & resume".

i installed xf86-video-nouveau on my box at home.
for simple things it works fine.
but for intensive applications (that do a lot of redrawing, i guess)
such as rosegarden, it makes my PC really slow.
also 2D games such as world of goo are unbearingly slow.
and i won't start about 3D ;)

this really sucks.  i have a perfectly fine fx5800 card. it performs
(performed) very well, sucks to have it labeled as "deprecated" and not
being able to actually use it decently on a modern system.


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