[arch-general] Arch Linux Magazine

Daniel J Griffiths ghost1227 at archlinux.us
Mon Nov 2 20:26:55 EST 2009

Loui Chang wrote:
> Hey guys. I'm just curious. What's going on with the magazine?
> Is there any intent to revive it?
> I know that I'd look forward to news/forum summaries at least if there
> isn't time for all the other stuff.
> Cheers.
I received the above email from Loui on the 31st and have been putting a 
good deal of thought into the current magazine/newsletter situation. As 
many of you know, Kensai recently moved and got married and I recently 
moved and have been trying to find a job. Shortly before receiving this 
email, Kensai and I had discussed the issue, but we didn't come to any 
real decisions. Hence, I'm sending my thoughts to the community and 
letting you in on the discussion.

One of the possibilities that was brought up was separating the 
newsletter and magazine, much as it was when I first started AUM. I do 
not believe this is a good course of action due to one of the main 
reasons for the merger: the licensing rights to the Arch name and logo. 
While the magazine did well on its own, I simply can't afford to 
maintain the domain and server for it without help from the community, 
but I can't accept financial contributions for said project as long as 
it is using Arch branding.

On the other hand, leaving it the way it is is proving difficult. I 
don't know Kensai's current situation, but I'm seeing less and less of 
him online which makes submission of any completed magazine/newsletter 
issues difficult as he is the only one with upload rights to the server 
currently on staff. My situation has settled down enough that I am now 
able to dedicate the time necessary to continue production of the 
magazine/newsletter as I used to. In fact, I have a good bit of content 
ready for the next release, whenever that becomes possible.

I would like to see the magazine/newsletter make a comeback to where we 
were when we left off and then some. I want to see more community 
contributions, writers, I'd like to get the Schwag report back (Dusty, 
that's you if you're still up to it), etc. This is a big project that 
has greatly benefited our community and I hate to see it in it's current 
state. Please let me know what you all think so that we can expedite the 
release of another issue!

@Kensai: Let me know what your current situation is (I know how being a 
newlywed is, been there a few times now...), and either way, best of 
luck (hopefully your luck is better than my first attempt was).

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