[arch-general] preferred laptops.

Jan de Groot jan at jgc.homeip.net
Wed Nov 4 09:04:23 EST 2009

MSI Megabook S262B:

Nice and small laptop, it's a 12" model from the days netbooks weren't
invented yet. Everything on this laptop works out of the box since the
day I purchased it. Suspend, resume, hibernate, etc.
There's a few issues with this machine though:
- the inverter is broken in cold environments, I have to rub it so it
warms up a bit. The backlight will not turn on without that action
- the keyboard sometimes gets stuck, the kernel doesn't always detect
the correct key release, causing arrow keys to become stuck. This is a
known kernel bug for ages, and my laptop suffers from it.

Besides the usual "it's only i686" and "945GM is slow", I'm happy with
this laptop. I might ever consider buying a new inverter for this >2
year old laptop.

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