[arch-general] Segmentation fault in X after last upgrade

Lars Tennstedt oss at larstennstedt.de
Wed Nov 4 13:48:11 EST 2009


it seems that the NVIDIA developers will only fix it if they have time 
to do it. I guess that the legacy driver does not have a high priority.

I tried the nouveau driver and it works on my old GeForce 3 even with 
compositing. It is a little bit slow but it does the job. Thanks for the 
But on my other computer the nouveau driver does not work with a GeForce 
7. It is weird. Two NVIDIA graphic cards and one needs the closed source 
driver and the another one the open source one.


Guus Snijders wrote:
> Thomas Bächler schreef:
> [ Xorg segfaults with Nvidia driver ]
>> I don't know what you think, but I don't get the part where the nvidia 
>> dev says they plan to fix it, but he can't promise if and when. So 
>> they plan to fix it, but don't really know if they plan to fix it.
>> So basically, you're screwed unless you plan on buying a GeForce 6 or 
>> newer.
> Maybe a good time to try the nouveau driver?
> I don't have a system with an Nvidia vga currently, but from waht i hear 
> it's getting quite good.
> mvg,
>     Guus

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