[arch-general] preferred laptops.

Helgi Kristvin Sigurbjarnarson helgikrs at gmail.com
Wed Nov 4 14:40:34 EST 2009

On Wednesday 04 November 2009 08:22:07 Eric Jacobs wrote:
> So I'm asking you, if you have a laptop, what kind is it? Does arch run
> pretty well on it (synaptics, sleep/wake, etc.)? What window manager do you
> think works best with the touchpad (I'm using gnome now)?

My main laptop is eeePC 700 2g surf, and it runs arch perfectly. Using a 
lightweight wm with allot of lightweight software I have no complains.

Tough the touchpad works the way it should, I don't really like using a 
touchpad much, or a mouse for that matter. So allot of keybindings for all 
possible tasks, and a tiling wm (but I also use fluxbox and openbox allot) 
works best for me.

Only problem I have is sometimes suspend/wake doesn't work, but I'm working on 
Helgi Kristvin Sigurbjarnarson <helgikrs at gmail.com>
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