[arch-general] Installing Arch on Hannsnote

Dario carotinobg at yahoo.it
Fri Nov 6 15:13:41 EST 2009


I want to share my (not so positive) experience about installing Arch Linux on 
a Hannsnote netbook, which I have been unexpectedly given as a gift recently:)

I used the USB image, "burned" on a usb stick (usb-urned:)).
The install went fine except when it tried to install GRUB. The installer 
hanged (don't know if it really hanged or if it just wanted to use all the CPU 
for some time), but I went about it by manually installing GRUB, so this is 
not really a problem.
The Intel 945GME is recognized, but all I get from X is a blank screen, if 
using the intel driver or leaving the duty to a config-less X, or doing some 
other tricks from the wiki and the forum. No errors whatsoeverm though, just a 
black dead screen. The vesa driver worked fine, but stuck at 800x600.
Finally, I couldn't work out a way to use the wireless card, a Ralink 2860 or 
something. I mean, not even the interface was shown, even if modules were - at 
least to me -  correctly loaded.

Having tried Puppy Linux before with success, I knew that things should have 
worked. Now, I installed Kubuntu Netbook edition and everything works out of 
the box. Unfortunately it won't last long on my laptop, its interface is 

I'd really like to archify my netbook. It came with XP preinstalled, but I 
cannot use it without a Linux operating system, for practical and also 
psychological reasons (no, not ideological:) ).

If someone had a similar experience to share, I'd be happy:)

Thanks in advance!!!

Chiacchiera con i tuoi amici in tempo reale! 

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