[arch-general] kde3 sources available anymore & missing garbage collector

David C. Rankin drankinatty at suddenlinkmail.com
Sun Nov 8 00:42:31 EST 2009


I don't know if the kde3 sources still live on a server some where, but I 
would be interested in finding them. I still have all the PKGBUILD files for 
the kde3 install, but I need a few sources. kpdf for starters, and there are a 
couple more.

Also, I successfully built quanta from AUR -- works fine, but I was unable to 
build pdftk due to missing dependencies:

gcc-gcj package not found, searching for group...
error: 'gcc-gcj': not found in sync db
==> ERROR: Pacman failed to install missing dependencies.

I think that is some type of garbage collector. Anybody know where I can find 
it? I have a couple of scripts that use pdftk so it is somewhat of a pressing 

Other than the sound I'm still working on (haven't had time to mess with it), 
the install is done. (Arch+e16+e17+openbox+kde4+full LAMP+GNU development 
pkgs+full Office setup).

This was my sixth arch install since April. In the same time period I have 
done "one" suse install (for my youngest daughter). Arch is such a damn good 
distro it is a grand testament to some very smart thinking about how best to 
put together and -- more importantly --> maintain a Linux distribution. The 
folks on the suse list just can't explain why, with the abundant resources of 
Novell in their pocket, little 'ole Arch is always 1-2 major versions of just 
about everything ahead of them. (gotta love it!)

I -- can tell you why. Arch nailed it with the rolling release approach. That 
is the right way to do a distro. Even if on occasion packages need to say in 
testing for 30-90 days to accomodate a major kernel change/whatever, it still 
beats the hell out of trying to maintain 3 separate versions of a an 
opensource distribution, built for 3 different kernels, and the complete set 
of some 4000 packages per distro version that need to be maintained. The 
resources required to try and do that are staggering. (I needle them that 
going to a rolling release would tripple their net revenues overnight just due 
to cost savings alone ;-)

I'll try and cobble together my install notes after I'm done and update the 
wiki in any of the areas I faced challenges. (I'm a bit tight on time at 
present) Thanks you all for all the help needed in the areas where I got hund 
up. Cheers!

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