[arch-general] new xorg & go-openoffice are fighting -> fatal user interface language cannot be determined [SOLVED]

Alessandro Doro ordo.ad at gmail.com
Mon Nov 9 18:18:28 EST 2009

On Mon, Nov 09, 2009 at 05:04:53PM -0600, David C. Rankin wrote:
> Ah hah! sudo chown -R david:david ./config/.openoffice.org and all is well. 
> For some reason starting as root while su root caused the 
> ./config/.openoffice.org directory to be created under root UID & GID. Doesn't 
> seem like it should have done that. Usually even if using su or kdesu the 
> configs still go under /root not the current user. Strange ...

If you need a real root shell you must give the -l option to su.
Try this:
$ su
and then look at the $USER environment variable: surprised?

Anyway it isn't a good idea to run graphical applications as root.


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