[arch-general] keepassx crashing?? (Ver 0.4.1-1 )

Armando M. Baratti ambaratti.listas at gmail.com
Mon Nov 9 21:39:28 EST 2009

David C. Rankin wrote:
> Just a note;
> keepassx, which has worked reliably for years, began crashing today. I don't 
> know whether it is keepassx, or qt (suspicion is qt). The errors are:
> 18:31 alchemy:~> keepassx
> Found Metastream: KPX_CUSTOM_ICONS_4
> Found Metastream: KPX_GROUP_TREE_STATE
> Segmentation fault
> It is happening on suse as well. (both with qt-4.5.3) I even downgraded to 
> keepassx 0.3.3-2.1 and it still occurss, so that pretty much rules out 
> keepassx as the problem. There is some chatter on the ubuntu lists as well. If 
> any of you super-brains use it, you might want to check and see what is going 
> on. I suck at tracking down these type of issues, (strace is Greek) but I'll 
> keep trying.
  Hi David,

It works fine here:

keepassx 0.4.1-1
qt 4.5.3-3
qt3 3.3.8-13

but I'm using Xfce4, not KDE (don't know if it makes any difference anyway).


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