[arch-general] old firewire stack?

Dieter Plaetinck dieter at plaetinck.be
Sat Nov 14 05:02:18 EST 2009

according to
we are using an old firewire stack.
I'm having big problems with DV-video (firewire) stuff ( see
http://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?pid=655692 ) and I was wondering
if the new stack would fix it, but how can I run it?

[root at dieter-p4sci-arch ~]# lsmod | egrep 'firewire|1394'
dv1394                 18492  0 
video1394              15836  0 
ohci1394               30220  2 dv1394,video1394
raw1394                25756  0 
ieee1394               85668  4 dv1394,video1394,ohci1394,raw1394
[root at dieter-p4sci-arch ~]# modprobe firewire-ohci
FATAL: Module firewire_ohci not found.
[root at dieter-p4sci-arch ~]# pacman -Ss juju
[root at dieter-p4sci-arch ~]# pacman -Ss firewire
extra/dvgrab 3.5-1
    Saves audio and video data from an IEEE (FireWire) digital source
extra/libraw1394 2.0.4-1
    Provides an API to the Linux IEEE1394 (FireWire) driver
[root at dieter-p4sci-arch ~]# pacman -Qs libraw
local/libraw1394 2.0.4-1
    Provides an API to the Linux IEEE1394 (FireWire) driver


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