[arch-general] netcfg v2.5 in [testing] - auto wireless configuration has changed

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Sun Nov 15 08:50:38 EST 2009

James Rayner schrieb:
> 1. pacman -S core/wpa_actiond

Still testing/wpa_actiond.

About wireless: I don't think the rfkill stuff will work like that. You 
can specify RFKILL_NAME, but that might change over time (it may change 
everytime you unload/load the wireless module and is not guaranteed to 
be persistent). If you don't specify RFKILL_NAME, then it will look into 
/sys/class/net/$INTERFACE/rfkill, which doesn't exist (at least on 
2.6.32). Using /sys/class/net/$INTERFACE/phy80211/rfkill*/ as rfkill 
path should work though. This needs to be addressed before a final 
release to core.

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