[arch-general] CUPS won't detect my usb printer

Jim Burton jim at sdf-eu.org
Sun Nov 15 09:00:42 EST 2009

Hi, I'm new to arch and unable to set up my (USB) Canon printer. I've read quite a large number
of threads on the forum about this and suppose my solution is in there somewhere but cups
doesn't recognise my printer for some reason. Here's what I've tried:

I've installed cups, ghostscript, gsfonts and gutenprint and blacklisted usblp. My printer is
picked up by lsusb:

Bus 005 Device 003: ID 04a9:1094 Canon, Inc. PIXMA iP3000x Printer

and I think it has the right permissions:

[jim at daisy ~]$ ls -l /dev/bus/usb/005/003 
crw-rw---- 1 root lp 189, 514 2009-11-15 13:44 /dev/bus/usb/005/003

In the web interface when I go to add a printer there are none found. I have set cups logging
to debug but there's nothing there that means anything to me. Here is some of the output when I
try to find the printer in the web interface:

D [15/Nov/2009:13:45:09 +0000] cupsdReadClient: 15 1.1 CUPS-Get-Printers 1
D [15/Nov/2009:13:45:09 +0000] CUPS-Get-Printers
D [15/Nov/2009:13:45:09 +0000] CUPS-Get-Printers client-error-not-found: No destinations added.
D [15/Nov/2009:13:45:09 +0000] Returning IPP client-error-not-found for CUPS-Get-Printers (no URI) from localhost
D [15/Nov/2009:13:45:09 +0000] cupsdReadClient: 15 POST / HTTP/1.1
D [15/Nov/2009:13:45:09 +0000] cupsdAuthorize: No authentication data provided.
D [15/Nov/2009:13:45:09 +0000] cupsdReadClient: 15 1.1 CUPS-Get-Devices 1
D [15/Nov/2009:13:45:09 +0000] CUPS-Get-Devices
D [15/Nov/2009:13:45:09 +0000] cupsdIsAuthorized: username=""
D [15/Nov/2009:13:45:09 +0000] Returning HTTP Unauthorized for CUPS-Get-Devices (no URI) from localhost
D [15/Nov/2009:13:45:09 +0000] cupsdSendHeader: 15 WWW-Authenticate: Basic realm="CUPS", trc="y"
D [15/Nov/2009:13:45:09 +0000] [CGI] cgi_null_passwd(prompt="Password for daemon on localhost? ") called!
D [15/Nov/2009:13:45:09 +0000] [CGI] lang="en_US.UTF8", locale="/en_US"...
D [15/Nov/2009:13:45:09 +0000] [CGI] lang="en_US.UTF8", locale="/en_US"...
D [15/Nov/2009:13:45:09 +0000] cupsdReadClient: 15 WAITING Closing on EOF
D [15/Nov/2009:13:45:09 +0000] cupsdCloseClient: 15
D [15/Nov/2009:13:45:09 +0000] cupsdSetBusyState: Not busy
D [15/Nov/2009:13:45:09 +0000] PID 2650 (/usr/lib/cups/cgi-bin/admin.cgi) exited with no errors.
D [15/Nov/2009:13:45:39 +0000] cupsdReadClient: 12 WAITING Closing on EOF
D [15/Nov/2009:13:45:39 +0000] cupsdCloseClient: 12

What should I try next?



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