[arch-general] old firewire stack?

Ingo Becker ingo at orgizm.net
Mon Nov 16 10:52:39 EST 2009

Roberto Malinverni wrote:
>> I believe the kernel can only have 1 compiled at a time, so 
>> you'll have to compile a custom kernel with the new stack...
> You _can_ compile both of them, but you need to blacklist the modules you
> don't want to use.

Thats true. When i used firewire the last time, there where compiled
both firewire-stacks and i experienced some troubles. (see my old post:

>> Last time we visited this topic, the new stack was incomplete 
>> and unstable, and it also said so in the kernel configuration 
>> menu. As I don't have any firewire devices, I never really 
>> cared. Should we dump the old stack and switch to the new one 
>> in the upgrade to 2.6.32?
> The Fedora Team switched to the new stack around fedora 8/9, causing a lot
> of troubles to the users: third party repos began then to offer the "old"
> modules as an addon. As for myself, the new stack couldn't even see my
> firewire external HD while the old stack worked fine - don't know with other
> kind of hardware.
> Roberto

Reffering to the post, perhaps its a good idea to compile the new and
the old stack but blacklist the new modules. So everyone could try the
new stack but dont have to miss the old one in case of trouble.


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