[arch-general] Single Person ISP?

Fredrik Eriksson fredrik.eriksson at gigabit.nu
Thu Nov 19 04:38:52 EST 2009

> So recently Verizon has stopped letting me do free tethering and I've
> been looking for a replacement. Apparently all of the free ISPs I can
> find all require that you use their shitty Windows program to connect,
> so I decided, "I have a phone line, a modem and an internet connection,
> maybe I can make my own ISP".
> Basically, I want to take a computer with a dialup modem and an ethernet
> connection to a cable modem and make it so whenever someone calls, the
> computer picks up and acts like an ISP (requests username/password, then
> forwards all requests to the cable modem).
> Obviously, it wouldn't be that great (added latency, phone line won't
> work while it's active), but it's at least theoretically possible. I'm
> just wondering if there's software designed to do it.
> -Brendan Long

Sounds like you want to create a "modem pool". There are stuff on the
internet about this. I did a quick google but I didn't have time to read
them all :)

You could look at RAS if that would suit you better :)

Best regards
Fredrik Eriksson

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