[arch-general] stability of pbzip2 ?

Michael Schaefer archlinux.org at micele.de
Thu Nov 19 10:02:37 EST 2009


I use it frequently to pack/unpack large files/folders (for instance
different types of vmware images). the files/folders usually consume
between 5-15GB (uncompressed).
These files are then even more frequently unpacked by various different
user, which (so far) never encountered any problems. So for at least one
year everything went fine.

regards - Michael

On 19.11.2009 08:43, Ian-Xue Li wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm quote fond of pbzip2's ability to multitask the compression, which comes really handy when backuping large archives of server files.
> But just heard from my friend: pbzip2 has stability issues, sometimes leads to corruption of archive, and hence unable to recover them. I wonder if this is true (in the sense that anyone once had a problem with pbzip2), because myself had never run into one of them.
> If so, it really a shame to abandon such a good tool though...

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