[arch-general] Need Text-to-Speech

Keith grndrush at gmail.com
Sun Nov 22 20:12:59 EST 2009


Please excuse my spelling; it's why I'm writing.

In the past 3-4 weeks (or less), I've developed a very intense case of 
"alexia" (I'd never heard of it befor, either).

If anyone might be interested:

My hearing and speech are completely unaffected.
My reading and writing are about 99% dysfunctional.

I face the bigging fight of me life, and am not able to comprehend more 
than 1-2% of any of the links above - or much more than that of the 
ArchLinx home page, for that matter.

I'm in VERY bad need of a simple but effective text-to-speech program. 
If it can read/render a web-page, and plan text, that'll a darned go start.

I'll be (very) slow to reply to posts; my assistant to 100% 
non-technical, but I well do my best; 10-15 minutes reading = a 5 hour 
migraine. This post today 5 hours to written, until I afraid for assistance.

Ok - AMD x86_64.  TIA in the extreme.

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