[arch-general] leafnode not allowing connection (connection refused)

Geoffrey Lane freeballer at gmail.com
Sat Nov 28 17:01:30 EST 2009

I'm just playing around a bit with leafnode. It installed ok, and no 
dependancy crud. But I cannot connect to it

The FQDN is set to my dynamic dns server
my leafnode config file has been setup with user/pass, server, port
my hosts.allow/deny are actually removed for now, and there is no 
firewall running

I can run the leafnode program/daemon and it shows it is running

200 Leafnode NNTP Daemon, version 1.11.7 running at [dns] (my fqdn: [dns])

I should be able to use slrn or even telnet to connect but it says 
connection refused. I looked in the logs for refusal or error msg and 
all I found was in News.log -- and there didn't seem to be problems.

Here's the output, it seems to say the connection to x-privat was 


Nov 26 23:06:11 Desktop fetchnews[6069]: news.x-privat.org: connected to, reply: 200
Nov 26 23:06:12 Desktop fetchnews[6069]: news.x-privat.org: 0 articles 
Nov 26 23:06:13 Desktop fetchnews[6069]: news.x-privat.org: getting all 
newsgroups (debug: active: nil, forceactive: true)
Nov 26 23:06:19 Desktop fetchnews[6069]: <215 list of newsgroup names follow
Nov 26 23:06:28 Desktop fetchnews[6069]: news.x-privat.org: reading 
server info from /var/spool/news/leaf.node/news.x-privat.org
Nov 26 23:06:28 Desktop fetchnews[6069]: wrote active file with 22485 lines
Nov 26 23:06:28 Desktop fetchnews[6069]: child has process ID 6070
Nov 28 16:23:26 Desktop leafnode[30420]: connect from (local file) (no 
IP) to [dns] (no IP) (my fqdn: [dns])

Oh and initial fetch does work:

[root at Desktop log]# sudo fetchnews -vvv -n alt.os.linux.ubuntu -x 2000
leafnode 1.11.7: verbosity level is 3, debugmode is 0
Don't automatically unsubscribe unread newsgroups.
try_lock(timeout=5), fqdn="[fqdn]"
news.x-privat.org: connecting to port nntp...
news.x-privat.org: connected to, reply: 200
news.x-privat.org: connected.
news.x-privat.org: using STAT <message-ID> command.
news.x-privat.org: authenticated as [user]
news.x-privat.org: 0 articles posted.
news.x-privat.org: getting new newsgroups
news.x-privat.org: got 0 new newsgroups.
news.x-privat.org: reading server info from 
news.x-privat.org: conversation completed, disconnected.
wrote active file with 22485 lines
Started process to update overview data in the background.
Network activity has finished.

Anybody have any ideas why the connection is refused? I'm not sure which 
avenue to follow now since it won't even allow localhost. I saw no howto 
for arch so not sure if there are any additional steps needed.

I've more or less followed the howto for ubuntu here:

I'd appreciate any help at all

"'Bill Gates can't guarantee Windows, so how in the HELL can you 
guarantee our safety!'  --John Crichton (Farscape)"

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