[arch-general] upgrade problems

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Fri Apr 9 10:24:06 EDT 2010

Am 09.04.2010 16:15, schrieb Andrea Scarpino:
>> :: kqemu: requires kernel26<2.6.33
>> :: madwifi: requires kernel26<2.6.33
>> I removed both these packages and the upgrade is proceeding. Just a heads
>> up for others who actually need these packages. I don't know why I had
>> madwifi as there is no wireless card in this desktop machine.
> Hi,
> madwifi is already in [extra], wait for mirror sync (or switch mirror).
> About kqemu you need to edit the PKGBUILD and rebuild the package.

kqemu support has been removed from qemu. You either use emulation or
KVM. Virtualization with qemu on hardware that is not KVM-capable is not
supported anymore.

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