[arch-general] xorg-server 1.8 - Wiki?

pyther pyther at pyther.net
Fri Apr 9 21:25:22 EDT 2010

On 04/09/2010 09:41 AM, Jan de Groot wrote:
> Nothing has been done on documentation yet. Feel free to use the
> documentation from Fedora to add information to the Xorg input
> hotplugging wiki page.
Alright! I've attempted to clean up the wiki and update it to reflect 
changes in 1.8. There was a lot of outdated information in the 
troubleshooting section so I removed it. I worked with a few people in 
#archlinux @ freenode to determine what could be removed. I have made a 
lot of changes so if someone can go over the wiki to look for grammar 
and clarity errors that would be great.

 From what I can tell a lot of the configuration is similar between 1.6 
and 1.8 besides the use of InputClasses. The fedora wiki states 'users 
are discouraged of putting X.org-specific configuration into udev rules 

Once xorg 1.8 gets merged into extra we will be able to clean up the 
wiki even more.

I hope this helps!

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