[arch-general] Emerald crashing on theme change or edit in Gnome

David C. Rankin drankinatty at suddenlinkmail.com
Sun Apr 11 18:31:25 EDT 2010


	For some reason, emerald has started crashing when changing themes in Gnome. It
changes the theme just fine, but then crashes. (disappears - no error shown or
in any logs). The crash occurs as soon as you click on a new theme to change it.
This happens when you select the first theme 3/4 of the time. Other times, you
can click on two, or maybe even three themes looking for the one you want before
the crash occurs at other times. The result is the same, emerald-theme-manager
just disappears into thin air. A restart restores emerald without error as well.

	The problem prevent you from being able to look at more than one theme or edit
the emerald themes. The issue isn't with any new theme, I have a set that I've
been using without error for a while, it seems like one of the recent updates
may be the cause (new Xorg?). I will look at it in kde later this evening.

	Has anyone else experienced this or got any more information on this new
emerald trick? I know emerald well from a user's standpoint, but not from the
developer standpoint. I have checked all the logs I could think of
(messages.log, everything.log, Xorg.0.log, errors.log ~/.xsession-errors), but I
didn't find anything. Is there somewhere else I should be looking?

	I'll try to provide more information on the behavior in kde and see if I can
get anything else from the command line. However, if you have any suggestions in
the interim, I would sure appreciate it.


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