[arch-general] Apache dead after kernel update - make_sock: could not bind to address [::]:443 - (Solved by 2nd Reboot)

Nathan Wayde kumyco at konnichi.com
Mon Apr 12 03:12:19 EDT 2010

On 12/04/10 07:53, David C. Rankin wrote:
> Guys,
> 	I don't know what's up here, but I updated the system ( no [testing] ), and
> rebooted to load the new kernel, and http was dead. On start, the error said it
> couldn't bind to port 443 because it was already taken -- Huh?
> 	Here are what little details I could come up with:
> [23:28 nirvana:/home/david] # lsof -i | grep 443
I'm not sure what could have happened there but, to see what's running 
on a port, you'll want to use netstat instead:
`netstat -ntpl | grep :443`
you may need to run as root in order to see the process name but it 
should at least show you if something is listening on a particular port.

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