[arch-general] How to get permanent network devices?

Dominik Schips dominik at s235.de
Tue Apr 13 12:03:04 EDT 2010


I have three network devices (eth0, eth1 and eth2) in my system.

Currently I use the networkmanager (Gnome) to configure my LAN
connection. It is working good.

My problem is that every reboot the device names are changing so
somtimes my LAN device is eth0 next reboot it is eth2 .....

I think this is done by udev. Can someone explain me how to get
permanent device names every boot?

I want to have eth0 as my normal LAN device, eth1 as a bridge device for
KVM VMs and eth2 as bridge device connected to my DMZ for VMs.

With virt-manager I can setup these bridges but if the device name
changes every boot it is unpossible to use.

Any ideas or advices for me?


Best regards

Dominik Schips

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