[arch-general] manage starting and stopping processes with less typing

Linas linas_fi at ymail.com
Wed Apr 14 01:52:44 EDT 2010

Seems my message didn't get through.

It was just doing
rc() { /etc/rc.d/$*; }

And to get completion,
complete -o filenames -W "$(cd /etc/rc.d/ && echo *)" rc

That requires a relogin / sourcing the profile again to update
the completion (could be avoided with another function) but
it's neat and simple.

> 	But that leaves me updating multiple .bashrc files (root, david, testacct1,
> etc..) on each box. If you just symlink them, they are there for all -- no
> editing involved.

You still have to add the symlinks on each box (and you will forget to
add some symlink
on one computer after an install).

For the multiple accounts, you can add the scripts to /etc/bash.bashrc.local

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