[arch-general] 2.6.33 and Thinkpad x200 => random freezes

Lukas Grässlin lukasgraesslin at gmx.de
Tue Apr 27 19:42:45 CEST 2010

Hi there,

it seems that there are some problems with 2.6.33 and my thinkpad x200.

The system randomly freezes completely. That means the mouse and the
keyboard aren't working and the screen is just frozen. This is no Xorg
crash and I do not really know if its a kernel panic, because the num
led doesn't blink.

There is absolutely nothing in the logs. Not even a single hint. So I
downgraded to 2.6.32 and I had no freezes since yesterday. (But I cant
say 100% that its ok, but i think so).

I have a guess that it has something to do with wireless lan and battery
running, but this is vague.

Does anybody here has similar problems?



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