[arch-general] dual ISP: 1)cable broadband (DHCP) 2){shudder} dial-up (ppp?) Please help!

Dario carotinobg at yahoo.it
Thu Apr 29 19:59:50 CEST 2010


In data giovedì 29 aprile 2010 15:08:07, Joe(theWordy)Philbrook ha scritto:
> I thought the solution would be to fall back on my external v92 serial
> modem BUT unfortunately I wasn't thinking about the fact that this laptop
> doesn't have a serial port connection to plug it into. (And not having 2
> nickles to rub together at the moment makes new hw a non-solution...)

There are USB-Serial cables, at least I saw them somewhere around my office, 
you can give them a try:)


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