[arch-general] 4k sector drives

Robert Howard rjh0507 at ecu.edu
Fri Apr 30 01:46:43 CEST 2010

How did you get two drives into RAID5 and if so, why?

On Apr 29, 2010 7:38 PM, "bardo" <ilbardo at gmail.com> wrote:

2010/4/29 Caleb Cushing <xenoterracide at gmail.com>:

> On Mon, Apr 26, 2010 at 9:22 PM, Marti Raudsepp <marti at juffo.org> wrote:
>> However, this WD disk ...
Just two days ago I built an Arch NAS/HTPC with two 2TB WD Caviar
Green WD20EARS (the ones with 4k-sectors). I used the latest iso from
build.archlinux.org, the one that Thomas suggested, and everything
went happily fine. I used parted's interactive mode to partition,
followed by mdadm and mkfs.

Parted automatically warned me about an unoptimal sector alignment
when I tried to put the first partition at 0 (the first partition
should start at 2MB), but if you want to be extra-sure just check the
the '-a optimal' parameter. About the disk reliability I can't tell
much, but I already transferred some 100GB to it, and of course I had
the first RAID5 build, which took a few hours and ran through the
whole disk. Also, smartctl doesn't have anything bad to say.


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