[arch-general] Unificate login credentials in Arch's website

Pierre Schmitz pierre at archlinux.de
Tue Aug 3 03:30:58 EDT 2010

On Mon, 2 Aug 2010 23:46:41 -0300, Martín Cigorraga
<martosurf7600 at gmail.com> wrote:
> I don't know if this was addressed before, I'm sorry to say this and you'll
> probably hate me but it's something that get my attention: the
> authentication in Arch's website is, at least, very unefficient. At worst,
> it's directly against Arch's Way, I think (I'm not the best guy to say this,
> just giving my first steps in Arch). Why should someone need to register at
> least three times, one for the forums, one for the wiki and one for the AUR?
> Shoudn't be sufficient with just one-time login/registration? And what about
> editing own nick or password? You know, at any time you may want to uniform
> all your passwords to a master one or just change it from the default you
> get when registered.
> I would like to know if there's any specific reason to have three separate
> accounts for the same website sections.
> Regards,
> Martín

In fact I already wrote a Plugin for MediaWiki to authenticate at the
forums. I am using this at archlinux.de (yes, pretty simple and there is
no ldap or whatever)

So, enabling this at archlinux.org would just involve a small config
change. However: the migration is most likely unsolvable. People might
have registered different accounts on wiki or forums; or different
people have registered the same account the first on the wiki the other
one on the forums etc.


Pierre Schmitz, https://users.archlinux.de/~pierre

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