[arch-general] Shouldn't pacman restart dovecot after update?

Attila vodoo0904 at sonnenkinder.org
Wed Aug 4 01:14:00 EDT 2010

At Dienstag, 3. August 2010 23:50 Heiko Baums wrote:

> I hadn't had any post-update maintenance nightmares yet. Well, not
> nightmares. I want to know what is done and what happens on my system.
> Otherwise I would recommend a different distro. But to be honest I had
> a lot more post-update nightmares with SuSE, because YaST has always
> overridden my configurations. This can't happen with Arch due to
> the .pacnew files.

Only for the stats: In the case of updating packages Yast, and im suprised that 
you use this more than zypper, don't touch changed config files because 
opensuse, and every other rpm basesd distribution, do the same as archlinux with 
*.rpmsave and *.rpmnew files.

As i said in the other posting, i don't think that any packager on this planet 
do mistakes with intent but they be even possible because we are all only 
humans. -)

See you, Attila

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