[arch-general] Arch Linux in Linux-Magazin 09/2010 (German Edition)

Firmicus Firmicus at gmx.net
Wed Aug 4 14:40:36 EDT 2010

  On 03/08/2010 13:20, Mathias Huber wrote:
> Hi,
> for those who wanted to be alerted: My short writeup on Arch Linux for
> Linux-Magazin (German Edition) is freely available online:
> http://www.linux-magazin.de/Heft-Abo/Ausgaben/2010/09/Frische-Ware
> Best Regards,
> Mathias

I have indeed just received my monthly copy of Linux-Magazin in the mail and immediately 
saw the words "Arch Linux" on the cover. The installation ISO is also included in the DVD 
btw. Good article!

Incidentally, the first time I heard of Arch Linux (apart from vaguely knowing the name) 
was through a similar article in the sister magazine "Linux User" in December 2005 (I think).


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