[arch-general] Lynx package lacks documentation

Mario Figueiredo mario.figueiredo at quiettech.org
Thu Aug 5 19:58:19 EDT 2010

Is it intentional the decision to not include in lynx package the 
program documentation, despite it being available from upstream sources?

Upstream seems to prefer if users set HELPFILE in lynx.cfg to a local 
path, as can be seen from this quote (lynx.cfg):

"The default HELPFILE is:
   This should be changed to the localpath."

However this isn't currently possible without further action from the 
user after installing the package. Also of note the fact that an 
upstream update will render the default URI in HELPFILE invalid and turn 
lynx help inoperative, until a package with the new version is made 
available or the user takes corrective measures (they either build from 
source themselves or download the old version help files to their system).

Mario Figueiredo

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