[arch-general] User list missing in gdm

Christoffer Hirth lists at toffyrn.net
Fri Aug 6 03:20:07 EDT 2010

to., 05.08.2010 kl. 20.06 +0200, skrev Guillermo Leira:
> Hello!
> Some weeks ago, the gdm user list disappeared. I have been trying everything that I have found, but no luck.
> If I reboot the computer several times, it finishes working, or if I issue a /etc/rc.d/gdm restart. But this is my wife's computer, and I would like it to work as it should...
> I have another six computers, and I don't know how many virtual machines, and this is happening also in a virtual machine.
> Any ideas?
> Best Regards
> Guillermo Leira

I think you have encountered this problem:


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