[arch-general] Shouldn't pacman restart dovecot after update?

Attila vodoo0904 at sonnenkinder.org
Sun Aug 8 05:48:20 EDT 2010

At Samstag, 7. August 2010 23:07 Guus Snijders wrote:

> In that case, try:
> lsof | grep " DEL "
> Note the spaces before and after DEL.
> After checking it again, i noted that lsof uses caps for the type, so we 
> can drop the -i from grep.

This idea is better and now i have to wait for an update which will use deleted 

Only for the stast it is not unusually that apps use deleted files:

# lsof -n | grep ' DEL '
firefox    1832 arpad  DEL       REG        0,4           1998849 /SYSV00000000
kwin       3815 arpad  DEL       REG        0,4                 0 /SYSV00000000

The way of an rpm based system with using RPMDELETE as the flag seems easier to 
find out such files. Is there a analog way possible for pacman? I never take a 
look after an update with pacman.

See you, Attila

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