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Pierre Schmitz pierre at archlinux.de
Wed Aug 11 13:03:36 EDT 2010

On Wed, 11 Aug 2010 17:41:06 +0100, Mario Figueiredo
<mario.figueiredo at quiettech.org> wrote:
> Forward Rationale: To give end users (and potential devs) an
>> The idea can be summed up like this:
>> testing:
>>   * don't break packages intentionally
>>   * don't push incomplete rebuilds
> This would definitely get me interested in Testing.
> Right now my Linux knowledge is limited and thus Testing is a no-go
> zone. If however I could have a guarantee that Testing offers the same
> package sanity insurance of the other mirrors, I could start
> participating.

In that case testing wont still be for you. There wont be any guarantee
for testing and some pacakges might be just broken. The only thing you
can expect that we wont break testing _by intention_ due to moving
incomplete rebuilds in.

>> staging:
>>   * a global staging repository for collaboration
>>     its more similar to your ~/staging dir than a regular repository
>>   * mostly meant for incomplete rebuilds
>>   * will be excluded from mirroring (for now)
>> I am open for any questions or suggestions. Thanks for reading,
>> Pierre
> It needs to be said that this is also reflection of what one should
> expect to encounter in the development process in the wild. Apart from
> the potential for collaboration, the idea that the Arch repos could
> mimic this development cycle is very appealing to me.
>     __________________________
>    |                          |
>    V                          V
> Development <-> Staging <-> Testing  ->  Release
> Packaging maintenance is taken away from the end user, giving them
> "safe" (it's still a beta, hence the quotes) access to Testing.
> Meanwhile developers would separate packaging from Testing,
> considerably giving them a lot more control over what users can access
> from Testing.

Staging is not a new repo/layer between the developer and testing. It's
just meant to be a temporary storage for rebuilds. The current dev.
cycle wont be affected. So we'll still have:

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