[arch-general] [arch-dev-public] The "Great Python Rebuild of 2010" begins

Thomas Dziedzic gostrc at gmail.com
Tue Aug 17 11:59:58 EDT 2010

On Tue, Aug 17, 2010 at 10:46 AM, Allan McRae <allan at archlinux.org> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have pushed the new python (3.1) and python2 (2.7) packages to the new [staging] repo so rebuilds can start there.   Remember the staging repo should never be used outside a build chroot...  If you do, everything python related will break on your system.
> TUs will not be able to start uploading rebuilds yet as they do not have a staging equivalent, but we will sort something out for them once we get all the db-scripts/devtools changes tested for the main one first. The package pool is going to save us a heap of issues when this gets moved so it is worth the wait.
> The key things to remember with the rebuild are:
>  - build in clean chroots.  Most packages will detect "python2" or "python-2.7" once they see no "python" and use that.  Some will need simple patching.
>  - change your dependencies to python2
>  - check files for #!'s with "/usr/bin/python" or "/usr/bin/env python".  If you have those you will need to do a sed to change them to python2.
> If you come across a package that you can not easily fix, add it to http://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/DeveloperWiki:Python_Todo_List#Packages_with_rebuild_issues and I will take a look at it.
> Have fun,
> Allan

This would probably be also a good time to remind the maintainers that
there are still packages left for the community cleanup.. only a few
are still remaining. I would like to finally see the community cleanup
marked as "complete" :)

emerald-themes - ronald
gnochm - dgriffiths
grub-gfx - orphan
kydpdict - jswierczynski
libnewt - dgriffiths
libnsbmp - dgriffiths
libnsgif - dgriffiths
libtrash - jswierczynski
magickthumbnail - orphan
man-pages-cs  	-  	jlichtblau
man-pages-pt_br  	-  	jlichtblau
mandvd  	-  	jlichtblau
mdf2iso  	-  	dgriffiths
miniracer  	-  	dgriffiths
mt-daapd  	- orphan
noyau  	- orphan
nrg2iso 	- 	dgriffiths
pork  	-  	jlichtblau
premake  	-  	dgriffiths
pstreams 	- 	dgriffiths
pygoocanvas  	- orphan
python-certtool  	- orphan
python-geotypes  	- orphan
python-gnupginterface 	- 	aschaefer
python-pysqlite-legacy  	-  	ronald
qt-recordmydesktop  	-  	dgriffiths
qucs 	- 	spupykin
sfarkxtc  	-  	jlichtblau
shfs-utils  	-  	jlichtblau
texlive-bibtexextra-doc  	-  	shusmann
texlive-core-doc 	- 	shusmann
texlive-fontsextra-doc 	- 	shusmann
texlive-formatsextra-doc 	- 	shusmann
texlive-games-doc 	- 	shusmann
texlive-genericextra-doc 	- 	shusmann
texlive-htmlxml-doc 	- 	shusmann
texlive-humanities-doc 	- 	shusmann
texlive-langcjk-doc 	- 	shusmann
texlive-langcyrillic-doc 	- 	shusmann
texlive-langextra-doc 	- 	shusmann
texlive-langgreek-doc 	- 	shusmann
texlive-latex3-doc 	- 	shusmann
texlive-latexextra-doc 	- 	shusmann
texlive-music-doc 	- 	shusmann
texlive-pictures-doc 	- 	shusmann
texlive-plainextra-doc 	- 	shusmann
texlive-pstricks-doc 	- 	shusmann
texlive-pstricks-doc 	- 	shusmann
texlive-publishers-doc 	- 	shusmann
texlive-science-doc 	- 	shusmann

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