[arch-general] pacman seems to leak ftp connections

Alexander Duscheleit jinks at archlinux.us
Tue Aug 17 22:07:23 EDT 2010


since I upgraded to pacman 3.4.0 I notice a strange behavior in the way
pacman integrates with my local mirror server. First, pacman opens a new
ftp connection for every download, which spams the logs a lot. Second,
pacman doesn't seem to close those connections either at all, or at
least not in a timely fashion. This results in pacman not being able to
download more than a hand full of packages before my ftp won't let it
connect anymore. The server-log says:

Aug 18 00:42:38 titan proftpd[4666]: titan.huntemann.uni-oldenburg.de -
MaxInstances (30) reached, new connection denied

over and over while pacman switches to the next mirror for every

The pacman frontend clyde exhibits the same behavior, so I suspect the
culprit is somewhere in libalpm. Pacman prior to 3.4.0 did not show
this behavior and all downloads worked fine.



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