[arch-general] Empathy on Arch?

Magnus Therning magnus at therning.org
Wed Aug 18 02:45:31 EDT 2010

On 18/08/10 00:00, Ng Oon-Ee wrote:
> On Tue, 2010-08-17 at 21:31 +0100, Magnus Therning wrote:
>> On 17/08/10 16:33, Rafael Beraldo wrote:
>>> 2010/8/17 Magnus Therning <magnus at therning.org>
>>>> Yes, got gabble installed.  Using the settings that work in pidgin, still
>>>> it's stuck on something; not connecting, not throbbing the top-right
>>>> indicator-thingie... nothing.
>>>> Out of curiosity, are you on 32bit or 64bit?
>>> I'm sorry for the top posting in the last e-mail. Anyway, I'm on a 64bit
>>> system.
>> No worries :-)
>> So am I, on all my systems.  Now I have connection to GTalk from home, but
>> no luck at work, which is the place I could really use it since we have a
>> combination of internal IM/chat servers, Jabber, Office Communicator (SIP),
>> IRC.  :-(
>> /M
> Any particular reason not to use Pidgin? It handles all those. In fact
> libpurple is so good that Empathy uses it for a few protocols it can't
> handle...

None really.  It's what I use at the moment.  However, empathy (especially
telepathy) seems to be the future(tm) and it handles both audio and
video for
protocols that can do that.  That latter bit makes me want to switch on my
personal systems, and if possible I like to keep my work systems as
similar to
my home systems as possible.


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