[arch-general] Add keditbookmarks to kdebase

joker-jar at yandex.ru joker-jar at yandex.ru
Sun Aug 22 09:01:37 EDT 2010

Hello! Sorry for my english, i'm russian :)

Look at that:


But there is no keditbookmarks app in kdebase:


Keditbookmarks now is a part of konqueror (see the file list for  
kdebase-konqueror => usr/bin/konqueror). But keditbookmarks is required by  
some apps (krdc, krusader and others) to edit bookmarks. So, without  
konqueror you can't edit bookmarks in the krusader (nothing appears after  
clicking "manage bookmarks").

I think that need to split konqueror on two packages: konqueror and  
keditbookmarks, because install konqueror just for working bookmark editor  
in krusader isn't good.

P.S. I think you understand me :)

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