[arch-general] rc.conf man page

David Campbell davekong at archlinux.us
Mon Aug 23 17:37:29 EDT 2010

Excerpts from Dave Reisner's message of 2010-08-23 14:59:11 -0400:
> *ROUTES (array)*::
>         A list of routes to be created. For each item in this list, the 'network'
>         service expects to find a variable of the same name to exist providing a
>         string of parameters to be passed to the 'route' command in order to create
>         the route. Routes can prevented from being created by prefixing with a '!' symbol.

For a variable to be found it must exist, so "to exist" is

The last sentence should read, "Routes can be...", not "Routes can
prevented...", or better yet, "Prevent a route from being created
by prefixing it with a bang (!).".

I like this manpage, although, I am not so sure it is wise to
have a manpage for rc.conf. rc.conf is well commented, and if
there is a manpage, the two will have to be kept in sync with
each other. Having the code with the documentation also makes
understanding the documentation easier. I suggest either adding
to the comments in rc.conf if they are not sufficient, or leaving
out of the manpage information that can already be found in
David Campbell

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