[arch-general] texlive-xxxxxxxxxxxx-doc packages vanished, yes ?

Firmicus Firmicus at gmx.net
Thu Aug 26 05:48:50 EDT 2010

  On 26.08.2010 11:15, goodmenzy at gmail.com wrote:
> Hi, all
>      I found the texlive-xxxxx-doc packages vanished, 32/64 bit are all vanished.
> anyone are kind enough to tell me the reason?

I suppose the reason is that the packages were outdated and no longer in sync with the 
corresponding texlive-xxxx pkgs. It is planned that new versions will be made available in 
community once the non-doc packages are moved from testing to extra (which will happen 
soon after I come back from vacation (in ca. 10 days). Perhaps the doc pkgs will move to 
extra anyway, as it would make it much easier to maintain them in a single repo. But I 
first have to discuss the matter with Stefan, who maintains them in community.


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